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©​ Lior Rotstein


It is about a moment, it is about being there, fully immersed, enjoying, anticipating, knowing it will come, that moment, just not knowing when. 
And when it clicks, it is a unique feeling that will last forever.


Finding that special stage light, never knowing the outcome until it is over and being able to enjoy that feeling every time a concert starts. 

It could be the same artist, it could be on the other side of the planet - it is my passion, to push myself to the limit, to concentrate and get that one epic shot.


Guy Prives shoot concerts for Getty Images and is one of the most renowned concert photographers in Israel and is internationally recognized. His work has been featured in top publications around the world like Rolling Stone, Vogue, Billboard, Mirror, Vanity Fair, Daily Mail and The Guardian.


Guy has worked with Wix, Club Med, TimeOut Magazine, Philippine Department of Tourism and more.



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